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Multichannel sustainability campaign for Green Growth

2020 - 2021
Groene Groei and Brabant Woont Slim have entered into a partnership in order to make as many homes as possible more sustainable. Together, these organisations have set up an extensive multichannel marketing campaign in cooperation with a number of municipalities in the region. In ten municipalities, an amount has been set aside per inhabitant, which they can spend on energy-efficient materials for the home. Sidekix was brought in as marketing Fulfilment partner for the complete implementation of this marketing campaign.

As always, we started by setting up a logical action flow, because here too, a good start is half the work. First, the inhabitants of various municipalities receive a letter - each with their own layout - with a voucher and login details for a special website. The website then refers visitors to a web shop built by Sidekix. Here, consumers can order the energy-efficient materials, which can then be delivered to their homes or collected from various locations. The web shops are set up in such a way that each municipality can offer its own range of products. Using the pre-completed action codes, each resident is directed to the right webshop. After ordering, the resident receives an e-mail confirmation. A logical customer journey that runs smoothly, without any work for the client. Ideal, right?

Consideration has also been given to after-care for adjustments and follow-up. Every week, Groene Groei receives extensive reports on conversion, orders and other variables. Residents with specific questions are addressed by staff from the Sidekix Contact Centre.

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