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Royal Swinkels

Zo. 100% fulfilment for Bavaria 0.0%

With the arrival of Royal Swinkels in our customer base, we are gradually becoming a specialist in the eFulfilment of beverages. The storage, stocking and order processing of beverages, especially in glass and cans, requires special attention. Think of fragility, packaging material and special requirements in shipping. We are proud that we can take care of the B2C eFulfilment for Swinkels' newest non-alcoholic beers such as Bavaria 0.0, Palm 0.0 and Swinkels 0.0. All Amazon orders are linked to our Warehouse Management System; every online order comes directly into the Sidekix warehouse and is immediately packed and shipped to the consumer. So. Sit. That. Also tapping from a different keg when handling the logistics of your online store orders?

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