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National Postcode Lottery

The Charity Lotteries (National Postcode Lottery, Friends Lottery) support organisations that work towards a just and green world.
Win with Sidekix

For many years, we have been the sidekick in the implementation of the National Postcode Lottery's winner campaigns. We ensure that the entire process from claiming the prize to delivery at home is as pleasant, quick and efficient as possible. To this end, we use an advanced and custom-made campaign management system that directs all activities. The implementation of these campaigns is also largely done in-house at Sidekix. We use the latest digital printing presses, cutting machines, state-of-the-art marketing automation, fully automatic packaging machines, our own distribution centre and our own secure data centre. We also help the National Postcode Lottery to welcome new members and are always ready to provide support in the area of customer contact.

Do you also need a sidekick?

Our projects for the National Postcode Lottery