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Direct Mail

Direct Mail

A friendly reminder, a request for more information or the recommendation of new products or services - with a direct mail campaign you really bring your customers in action mode. How do we know this? Every day, thousands of letters and cards for various clients roll through our printing presses, on their way to convince, inspire or inform the target group. And the more personal, the better. Just show that you know your customers and that they are important to you.

With minimum effort - because as a direct mail agency we do the work for you - you achieve a maximum reach. And you can make it as crazy as you want, the possibilities are endless. A plastic credit card, a funny and personal attention or a direct e-mail, complete with navigation, tabs or an image gallery. We love it!

And among all the direct mail companies in our country, Sidekix is the organisation with 15 years of knowledge and experience. We execute  direct mail activities for brands such as the Postcode Lottery, Keukenkampioen, Piet Klerkx furniture, Sanidirect, FriendsLoterij, Mandemakers kitchens, Montel and Swiss Sense. Just so you know.


Balance between impact and costs

So, you have the concept for your direct mail, now you need to design it and send it in the right way. There are hundreds of variables you can combine to produce and send a direct mail. And every combination has its own effect and its own cost. But you just have to know it. How personalised do you want it? Which paper is better? Is sealing a good idea? How quickly do you want it delivered? Digital printing or traditional printing, what is the best option in your case? These are all questions that we love to answer at Sidekix. With our knowledge and experience, we know how to find the perfect balance between the optimal effect and the most profitable price tag of your direct mail. 

Testing, testing

To get the most out of your campaign, we carry out so-called A/B tests. We select a small group who will receive different versions of your direct mail. And those differences are due to small contrivances that have surprising effects on the response. This way, we know in advance exactly what the direct mail should look like to achieve the highest response.

"What I really like about Sidekix is their eye for detail and their extreme customer orientation. They really support us personally by always thinking along, always providing top service."
Joey Janssen, Director Customer Experience Swiss Sense

Direct Mail whitepaper

Direct Mail is still a popular marketing tool that has managed to retain its place in the tool mix aside the online communication channels.  And rightly so, because the use of Direct Mail has proven to have a positive effect on conversion. At least, if you use it right. To help you do this, we are sharing our knowledge about Direct Mail with you in this White Paper, so that you have the tools you need to create the perfect Direct Mail.

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The next step

And is that response as it should be? An order in a webshop, a phone call to make an appointment or the redemption of a gift card? Then of course you want your customers to be helped in the right way. Sidekix is the party to help you. With a good landing page, a user-friendly webshop or professional call agents that speak to your customers in the right way. We take care of the whole execution of your marketing campaign.

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