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About us

We are Sidekix

We are your sidekick when it comes to a distinctive and professional implementation of your marketing campaigns and webshop logistics. Sidekix is equipped with over 15 years of experience, fanatical professionals and a healthy dose of enthusiasm. With personalisation and customer experience as our guiding principles, we work with you to ensure that your target group has an impactful customer contact. We do this the Sidekix way, because we know it works. It is for a good reason that we have all our own specialities. That way we can move flexibly with you and no assignment is too crazy for us.

We are here for you

How we can  help you? The list is endless. But the fact that we can help you amplify your message is a fact. And while you focus on your next successful campaign or sales strategy, we are your hands, your eyes and your voice. Whatever you need to turn your event, marketing campaign or web shop into an amazing success, we are here for you. Because only when we excel in our work can we make you shine.

Sidekix Together Heroes

We are on a mission

Our mission is to make every customer a hero. We see ourselves as the ally you can always count on. As professionals in the field of customer contact, we want to be the perfect adviser to the top A brands in the Netherlands. After all, every hero needs a sidekick.

Raising the bar

We are convinced that only marketing campaigns that combine offline and online channels lead to the best results. The customer experience and customer journey are leading in this and demand that the level of service we provide is continuously higher and better. Far-reaching personalisation and working with defined dynamic target groups are becoming the new standard. That is why we are always looking for ways to deliver more and more added value. This mentality is in our DNA. Every day, we challenge you, but certainly also ourselves, to raise the bar even higher.

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Of course, we are not sitting still and would like to keep you informed of our latest developments.