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Your data is in safe certified hands with us

ISO 27001 - Your data is in safe, certified hands with us

Secure data management is a must in our business activities. Our customers rightly demand it nowadays. Therefore Sidekix complies with ISO 27001 CERTIFICATION.

The availability, integrity and confidentiality of information/customer data are core values of our Sidekix business operations. After all, Sidekix customers entrust us with their customer data, information and knowledge to use and process in our business processes.

On the one hand, our client's business capital, and on the other hand, vulnerable (personal) data that must be handled with care in both cases. As a loyal ally, we protect your data as if it were our own. Naturally, we already handle data with extreme care. The ISO 27001 certification is an extra confirmation for our customers and future relations that Sidekix takes such care. Measured against an internationally recognised standard.


By obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate, we have proven that we are in control of our business processes and have demonstrated that we continuously strive for improvement. Our quality is demonstrable and our processes efficient. You can count on that when you do business with Sidekix.

ISO 14001 - We continue to make our processes more sustainable

Sidekix is an organisation with an eye for sustainability. Therefore, ISO 14001 cannot be missing.

This certificate shows that Sidekix not only pays attention to environmental aspects, but also takes them seriously in its business processes. We have earned it because, as a company, we continue to develop our environmental policy and work to make our processes more sustainable.


Sustainable forest management is not regulated by international law, but at an international level, people think the same about the importance of sustainable forest management: People, Planet and Profit. Worldwide, FSC® and PEFC are the most important quality marks in this area. FSC® and PEFC both have the same goal, both organisations are committed to sustainable forest management. Only the road towards it differs.

FSC®stands for Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC). FSC® is a global, not-for-profit organisation that strives for responsible forest management worldwide. FSC sets standards based on principles for responsible forest management that are supported by environmental, social and economic stakeholders. Read more about the activities and importance of FSC®.

PEFC stands for Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification. PEFC is an international non-governmental organisation that aims to promote sustainable forest management worldwide through certification of forest management and the processing industries in the supply chain, Read more about the activities and importance of PEFC.

Since July 2019, Sidekix has been part of the growing group of companies, institutions and agencies that want to work in a certified manner and use printed materials that carry an FSC® or PEFC label. This means that not only the origin of the wood is considered, but also issues such as working conditions and other social aspects of the people who live and work in the forest. FSC-certified products are available on request. 

ISO 18295 - Excellent customer service contact centres

To demonstrate our excellent customer service independently, our contact centres are ISO 18295 certified. This makes Sidekix and sister company YourVoice the seventh and eighth contact centres in the Netherlands to have been awarded the certificate. This ISO certificate is about the so-called "service provision": a more in-depth look at the services of contact centres.

Obtaining this certificate fits in with our ambition to ensure the highest possible quality for our clients in all phases of the customer journey.

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