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Projects we are proud of!

We have already done this for other heroes.
Table Set with Meals at Home

Table Set with Meals at Home

Wemaron is a social enterprise that builds software around the themes of: loneliness, mobility and the sharing economy.

Wemaron Local Voucher

'Chocolate Love A-Fair'

'Chocolate Love A-Fair' Tony's Chocolonely



Every year, every Dutch person of 18 years or older can vote for the Friends Lottery Museum Prize. Each year, the professional jury chooses a specific theme that the public believes distinguishes a Dutch museum from others through a special achievement or activity. The theme for 2022 is: best neighbor.

Museum Prize 2022 votes for Sidekix

Everyone feels like binge-watching from time to time. And now this is being made very attractive for Pathé Thuis customers. Especially with their spectacular 'Binge Bonus' action. They get a nice discount from Pathé Thuis and a smooth webflow from Sidekix to activate the special offer quickly and easily.

Smooth web flow for binge bonus

Healthy cookies without palm oil and fragrances, colorants and flavorings baked by underprivileged people with a distance to the labor market. They take the opportunity to regain their place in the labor market and to get their lives back in order. That, in a nutshell, is the mission of Koeckebackers. Their delicious and honest cookies are available in supermarkets, at various catering establishments, company and school caterers, via their own web store and are offered through various charity events and donations.

Cookie there?

A popular 'Chance to' campaign flow for Friends Lottery participants are season tickets to the Dutch Eredivisie clubs. That great interest is not surprising of course on the eve of the start of the competition. Every Friends Lottery participant can then register through the official Friends Lottery website for a chance to win 2 season tickets of his or her favorite club. Sidekix takes care of the complete registration and winner fill-up process.

Sidekix facilitates VriendenLoterij 'Chance to win Eredivisie season tickets' campaign flow

Amsterdamse Zomer is a musical summer experience in Amsterdam. Home-grown artists and bands, such as Emma Heesters. Tino Martin, Rene Froger and OG3NE, will be performing and there will be various culinary taste experiences. The success formula for an enjoyable day out. Especially for winners of the Friends Lottery who receive free entrance tickets. Sidekix takes care of the complete communication flow to give them a carefree and unforgettable day. Thanks to the Friends Lottery.

There is music in the Amsterdam summer

Mailing with cartonwrap for beautiful "lookbook" Adezz

International mailing lookbook

Team Alzheimer's foundation and the Friends Lottery work together against Alzheimer's disease. Winners of a new winning campaign were surprised with a pair of Alzheimer Socks. These are socks that are not only fashionable, but also make Alzheimer's disease a subject of discussion. A great campaign with all profits going to Alzheimer's research.

Beat Alzheimer's with sidekix

Would you like to surprise your employees during the Saint Nicholas period and help forgotten children in the Netherlands at the same time? Royal Verkade makes it possible with their Saint Nicholas campaign. Employers and HR-managers can use this action to surprise their employees with a delicious chocolate letter. For every purchase, a donation is made on behalf of Koninklijk Verkade to the Foundation for the Forgotten Child.

Really nice promotion from Verkade

Working on more sustainable housing in the municipality of Gemert-Bakel; that is the mission of Led's Go Green.

A more sustainable Gemert-Bakel

With the reintroduction of the game show Deal Or No Deal, the National Postcode Lottery is bringing one of the most successful TV programmes ever (the format was sold to 82 countries at the time) back on the tube.

Dealing with Deal Or No Deal

Renewi is a market leader in the field of waste collection. As a leading waste-to-product company, Renewi likes to work with organisations that share the same standards and values.

Sustainable quality for Renewi

Better coffee, happy days. That is the motto of our new hero and client YesPlease. Started in the Netherlands, with the aim of conquering the coffee world worldwide and surprising people with honest and sustainably produced coffee. YesPlease is widely consumed in the higher segment, including four and five-star hotels at home and abroad. With a complete line of Single Origin coffee flavours, Nespresso® compatibles and cold drip coffees for the consumer market and the retail channel.

Want to become an ally in the coffee market? YesPlease

The chance to win one million euros. A dream that can become reality for participants of the VriendenLoterij when they win seats in the TV programme VriendenLoterij Miljonairs. For several years Sidekix has been used as a helpline to make this exciting game show, presented by Robert ten Brink, successful.

Friends Lottery Millionaires

The beer world has never been more active. Worldwide, breweries are experimenting with different styles and flavors. Beer lovers who like to choose new, challenging taste experiences sometimes no longer know where to look. For them, Royal Swinkels Family Brewers has the solution; Dare to Drink Different. The online beer platform for foodies and daredevils who want to try new beers quickly and easily. As an ally of this beer hero, Sidekix is ready to take all webshop logistics off Swinkels' hands and ensure a tasteful cooperation.

Dare to Drink Different with Sidekix

The beer industry is in a state of flux. Nowadays there is a suitable beer for every moment. In this vast market it is important that, when you introduce a new product, you do it well and tactically to make it successful. One of the experts in this field is our hero Royal Swinkels. Because when a new beer is introduced by Swinkels, they not only think about good marketing, but they have Sidekix to help with the execution.

Bold flavours with Sidekix

The Efteling is the ideal place for a nice day out with family or friends. And the winners of one of the winning campaigns of the VriendenLoterij know that. They won free tickets for a fairy-tale day in the Efteling. Sidekix was ready as a magical right hand to support the winners campaign down to the smallest details.

A world of wonders with Sidekix

Cleaning up the sea by producing soft, comfortable socks? That's no problem for our heroes at Healthy Seas Socks. In cooperation with Healthy Seas initiative they dig up old fishing nets and transform them into nylon. This nylon is combined with 100% organic GOTS cotton to make, you guessed it, sustainable socks! This way coral gets the chance to grow, fish lives are saved and you can enjoy beautiful socks!

Our hero in durable socks