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2021 - Present

Bold flavours with Sidekix

The beer sector is in a state of flux. Nowadays, there is a suitable beer for every moment. In this extensive market, it is important that, when you introduce a new product, you do so well and tactically to make it successful. One of the experts in this field is our hero Swinkels Family Brewers. Because when Swinkels introduces a new beer, it not only thinks about good marketing, but it also has Sidekix to help with the execution.

Swinkels ' marketing plans for new beers and specials are often aimed at both the consumer market and the hotel and catering industry. For the latter group, Sidekix works together with Swinkels to find and exploit the best opportunities. We do this by putting together sample packs and packing event-related merchandise in bus packs. We also take care of the shipment of these actions and the track & trace. A cooperation that tastes like more.