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Museum Prize 2022 votes for Sidekix

Every year, every Dutch person of 18 years or older can vote for the Friends Lottery Museum Prize. Each year, the professional jury chooses a specific theme that the public believes distinguishes a Dutch museum from others through a special achievement or activity. The theme for 2022 is: best neighbor.

To ensure the voting is done correctly, Sidekix was engaged to build a secure and user-friendly online voting flow. The public can vote for their favorite museum through the website. After clicking the vote button, the participant enters an environment built and hosted by Sidekix to cast a vote. As an added security, after voting, each participant receives an email containing a verification link to confirm the vote. The participant then sees on a page that the vote has been confirmed. Additional facilities facilitated by Sidekix's Campaign Management System include reminder emails if the voting process has not yet been completed. Opt-ins are also requested during the campaign such as receiving the newsletter and more information about specific museums. At the client's request, this information is entered into their system in real time via an API call or delivered afterwards through reports that we can personalize as desired.

Are you looking for a safe, user-friendly and stable webflow for consumer polls, contests, promotions etc? We would love to think with you!

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