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We did it: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001

Last summer, Sidekix worked hard to obtain two new ISO certifications, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Sidekix has also been working on a recertification for ISO 27001. And with success! Sidekix is now officially ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 certified. These certifications prove that Sidekix as an organisation works to optimise (business) processes, cares for the environment and works continuously on improvement on all fronts.


What is ISO?
ISO stands for "International Organisation for Standardisation".
This organisation describes working methods that companies use to make improvements. If an organisation proves that it does this, it receives an official ISO certificate. These certificates are internationally recognised and are an important proof of Sidekix's working methods and management systems. In order to receive an ISO certification, an independent external organisation has to determine on the basis of an investigation whether the company in question complies with the strict international standards. If this is the case, the company is officially awarded the relevant ISO certificate.


ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001
These globally recognised standards are proof that Sidekix meets strict requirements. Requirements that show that we continuously evaluate and where possible improve our processes, services and products. Specifically, we have obtained the following ISO certifications:

  1. ISO 9001: Quality Management
    With ISO 9001, we have proven that we control the business processes and we have demonstrated that we continuously strive for improvement. Our quality is demonstrable and our processes efficient. We can be proud of that.
  1. ISO 14001: Environment and Sustainability
    Sidekix is an organisation with an eye for sustainability. Therefore, ISO 14001 is a must. This certificate shows that Sidekix not only pays attention to environmental aspects, but also takes them seriously in its business processes. We have earned it because, as a company, we continue to develop our environmental policy and work to make our processes more sustainable.
  1. ISO 27001: Information Security
    Secure handling of data and personal data. It cannot be stressed enough how important these elements are in the year 2021. That is why Sidekix complies with ISO 27001. It shows that as a company we are alert to the digital safety and personal data of our employees and customers, and that our measures and procedures are good. It also proves that we treat information confidentially and process it in a good way. The certification gives our customers certainty about the degree of seriousness Sidekix recognises in the importance of privacy and personal data.


Proud of each other
We are proud of our colleagues and happy with the successful achievement of the ISO certifications.


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