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Ever heard of an ambitious entrepreneur who prefers to pack and ship orders all day long? And who has all the time for web shop logistics? Neither have we. That's why we like to do the work for you. The basis of web shop fulfilment, or e- Logistics as it is called, consists of inbound, storage, order picking, packaging, shipping and the processing of returns. That is quite a lot. It takes a lot of time and it has to be done in the right way. We are therefore happy to assist you as a sidekick in taking care of your e-fulfilment. That leaves you time to occupy yourself with what you do like.

For example, your customers count on being able to order products from your web shop until late at night and receive them the next morning. At Sidekix, we understand this and we do everything we can to have a 'cut-off time' as late as possible. This way, you do not have to worry about it and you keep your customers happy. Moreover, at Sidekix you benefit from the volume price agreements that we, as a fulfilment company, have with the major carriers. Bonus!


Sidekix helps more and more web shops with E-fulfilment
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All shipping options in house

With fulfilment for your web shop, Sidekix can do anything. We have all kinds of possibilities and shipping options to make sending your orders as easy as possible. First of all, we send your orders as a letter, as a parcel or on a pallet if necessary. You can also choose to personalise the order with a nice card, a special print or a nice extra. Whether it concerns orders to consumers or companies, we do everything to keep your customers satisfied with a correct and timely delivery.

Link with your webshop

To make the process as efficient as possible for you, but also for us, we can create a digital link between your order system. Then your orders will automatically come to us and we can get to work right away. We work at least with the following webshop connections: Shopify, Lightspeed, WooCommerce, Shopware, BigCommerce, Salesforce and Magento 2. Is your application not listed? Then we will surely find a solution.

Return processing

There is nothing so annoying for a customer if an order is unexpectedly faulty and has to be returned. And also annoying for you, because it takes extra time. That is why you can let us handle the returns or speak to your customers. And you can rest assured that it is done in the right way, because this is our daily work. After all, our aim is for you to be a hero!

"It is great that our wishes are central and that we are not pressed into the processes of others. That means that we can outsource the important contact with the customer with peace of mind."
Dave van den Berg, manager customer relations Voetbal International (VI)

Whitepaper Direct to consumer

The D2C e-commerce landscape offers B2B companies the opportunity to get more out of their strategy in new ways. Wondering how you can successfully embrace D2C within your own business model? In our latest white paper, we give you the tools you need.

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More than just E-fulfilment

A special advantage of Sidekix is that we offer a wide range of related and complementary services to give your e-fulfilment extra impact. For example, by deploying the professional and customer-friendly agents of our 24/7 Contact Center for perfect customer service. Or by adding personalised content in the shipping packaging to stimulate repeat purchases. Possibly with an extra QR code added to captivate and bind your customer online as well. We like to think along with you and help you with the implementation. In both Business to Business and Direct to Consumer e-fulfilment, we go the extra mile to make your webshop successful.

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