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2017 - present

Use the benefits of the Friends Lottery VIP cards to the full

At the Friends Lottery, participants can not only win beautiful prizes, but they also enjoy extra advantages because of their Friends Lottery VIP card. With this VIP-card they can make exclusive use of actions and offers on the VriendenLoterij participants page. The offers are diverse and require a flexible partner who can help with the implementation; Sidekix!

Each discount action has its own web flow with a different approach. It is Sidekix's job to make sure that these all run smoothly and quickly. For instance, we make sure that gift cards that are bought with a discount, such as the Podium Cadeaukaart and Pathé e-tickets, immediately reach the participants digitally. And that discount codes purchased by participants, such as for Greetz and Kaartje2GO, are immediately sent in a personalised e-mail.