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2018 - present

Consumer actions by KPN

KPN knows what is going on in the market. What people need and how to win over customers. KPN wants to help people get ahead. And connect them to each other and to a sustainable future. Once they've become KPN customers? Then they should feel that they have made the right choice. And that is where Sidekix comes in.

How do we do this? By helping with the practical implementation of marketing campaigns and webshop logistics. With personalisation and customer experience as the common thread, we ensure customer contact with impact. In doing so, we place ourselves at the service of our customers. In the basis, this means strong communication and a good connection between Sidekix and KPN. If we know which offer a customer has chosen and which product has to be processed, we can welcome the customer in a personal way. The welcome letter and the product are packed sustainably together and sent the same day with a track & trace. For large products such as the 32-inch Philips Smart TV, this is done using our own packaging box; for small products such as the Apple AirPods, our CMC Cartonwrap is used.

And that's not all. After all, each consumer action requires a different approach, so flexibility is essential for success. We are always ready to help where we can. For example, creating a customised response site in KPN's house style with payment modules, providing extra support for customer service or carrying out an extra direct mail campaign. Together with KPN, we take everyone forward.