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Enjoying Rituals on behalf of Swiss Sense

Rituals and Swiss Sense: two top brands that strengthen each other when it comes to relaxation and enjoyment. Sidekix was commissioned to link the brand experience of Rituals to the Customer Journey of Swiss Sense customers in a unique way.

We did this by surprising Swiss Sense customers at unexpected moments and with certain purchases with a gift full of Rituals products. In this way, we ensured a perfect joint promotion. Sidekix attuned each attention to the data of the customer, so that each attention was unique. Difficult when you have to take into account different variables such as language, text message and purchase location? Not for Sidekix! We took care of the entire implementation and logistics. We made sure that everything was done in Swiss Sense's house style. All the personalised cards were printed by us in one run and put in a specially developed dispatch box using our CMC Smartmailer together with the Rituals products. The packages were then sent from our warehouse to four different countries. In this way, every Swiss Sense customer had a fantastic customer experience in addition to ultimate sleep comfort.

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