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The Splendid Group from Hong Kong, a global marketing organisation, has outsourced the fulfilment of a number of campaigns to Sidekix. A good choice, we think.

Spendid Group provides a wide range of services, from attractive customised consumer products to complete, often international marketing campaigns. Usually commissioned by well-known brands such as Heinz, Qatar Airways, Leonidas or Danone. Splendid identifies market trends that tie in with the branding of major brands, invents new innovative products, produces them in its own factories, and assists in marketing these products.

And Sidekix is the perfect organisation to support them in this. As a first assignment, Sidekix takes care of the storage, repackaging and preparation for shipment of a series of consumer products destined for the customers of a large, international hotel chain. And if you are thinking: gosh, how many products would that be? Well, we package various consumer products for 420 hotels in 73 countries! A challenging and international assignment that makes us very happy at Sidekix.

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