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First at Sidekix with special printer

Sidekix is the first company in the Netherlands to invest in the new KM 1 digital printer from Konika Minolta. A monster of a machine. But one with excellent characteristics in terms of durability, print quality, flexibility and efficiency. We warn you in advance for the impressive technical terms in this article, a little show off is allowed right?

Recently, Konika Minolta was the first supplier worldwide to obtain the FOGRA53 profile certification with this printer. This award was granted after an extensive test programme and particularly underlines the stability, versatility and accuracy of this KM 1 digital printer.

Thus, the printer functions perfectly without using water and primer. Thanks to the patented Dot Freeze Technology with Led UV ink, the printer produces very high quality printed materials. The KM 1 can not only handle a wide variety of paper thicknesses. It is also the first digital printer with printing press grippers for accurate production registration. Interested in the concrete possibilities? Then feel free to contact us.

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