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Sustainable shipping

With the enormous growth of online shopping, the demand for and appreciation of sustainable shipping is also increasing. And we at Sidekix like to join in. Therefore, with the so-called CartonWrap, we have taken a great step towards serving our customers in the field of sustainability as well.

With this inventive machine we pack products of different sizes in a custom-made cardboard box. Up to 800 boxes per hour! For each order, a scanner measures the height, width and depth of the product. This information is immediately read by the cardboard cutter that cuts out the exact packaging size. The result is a tightly fitting box around the product, without air, so that no padding material is needed. And the cutting waste from the superfluous cardboard is simply recycled. Smart, right? Sidekix also works in a certified way with paper and cardboard that carries an FSC® or PEFC label.

Watch our CartonWrap at work!

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