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A new CSO!

As of November 1, the Sidekix Board of Directors is reinforced by Peer Visser. A great step for him and the future of Sidekix!

Peer is a true entrepreneur. He has been a Business Consultant since 2008. Through his company "Morgenster Management," Peer works in a shell of trusted partners who reinforce each other in terms of content. Four years ago he stepped into Sidekix in the role of Consultant. Since then, he has taken on many projects and helped Sidekix grow. As time went on, Peer became further connected to the organization. As a result, his role as Advisor became more and more diluted. 'As an Advisor, you basically just give advice,' Peer Visser explains 'But my hands started itching. I wanted to tackle things and mean more for the future of Sidekix. So the three of us, meaning Tjeerd Nijenhuis, Hans van Erp and me, had discussions. From there the decision was made that I would join as the third Board Member.'

Peer will take care of the Sales, Marketing, HR and Legal departments from his executive position. Officially, this makes him the CSO (Chief Sales Operations) of Sidekix, but he has little use for that title. Please just call me Peer.

It sounds contradictory. A born entrepreneur who loves working on different projects, yet now settling down with one company. When asked how this is possible, Peer begins to laugh "Yes, if you summarize it that way I understand your confusion. But it's because of Sidekix. I think Sidekix is such a fascinating company and I mean that in the best way. I want to help facilitate the developments that are on our doorstep. That's why I accepted this challenge.'

Peer has joined the Sidekix Board of Directors since November 1. We wish him much pleasure and success with this great challenge!

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