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#NIMAMD: Make or break a campaign

The campaign has been thought up, the idea well conceived and the message perfect. But what comes next?

A question to which Sidekix has the answer. Because when a customer comes up with a good campaign, Sidekix is ready to help with the final piece. Sidekix ensures that the details are perfected and the execution is arranged down to the last detail. Because that last piece can make or break a campaign.

During NIMA Marketing Day 2021 Sidekix will give the workshop 'The devil is in the detail'. In this workshop, Sidekix duo Helma Verdaat and Jochen Mikesz will let participants experience that a successful campaign can only be achieved by paying attention to the details in the execution and after-care. In the NIMA Marketing Special, the duo tells more about the workshop and the message they hope to convey.

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