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Shopping Today 2021

On Thursday 14 October, it's time to prepare yourself for the digital future during Shopping Today! A day filled with innovative ideas, leading keynote speakers and creative professionals.


What is Shopping Today

Shopping Today is the leading e-commerce knowledge event dedicated to the digital future. Attendees can compile a personal programme consisting of various knowledge sessions, practical cases and instructive presentations. The way to refresh your knowledge on e-commerce and to experience the trends and developments live. And with the 1200+ participants, it promises not only to be an interesting day, but also a pleasant one.


The power of D2C

Let's face it; more and more suppliers want to start e-commerce themselves. And that's not surprising, because the Direct to Consumer (D2C) model provides not only financial benefits but also opportunities to enter into a direct relationship with the consumer. But how do you ensure that the step from B2B to D2C goes smoothly? And more importantly: how do you bind your ideal consumer to your brand? This is what our Sidekix colleague Jochen Mikesz will tell you in his presentation during Shopping Today. Tickets for the event are still available via this link.

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