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Boost for Contact Center of Sidekix and YourVoice

At Sidekix, we do not work according to the standard principle of 'you ask, we serve', but we continue to ask where the customer's needs really lie. Because as customer contact specialists, Sidekix is the perfect partner for top A brands in the Netherlands. One of our most important pillars to realise this promise? A fantastic Contact Center!

Together, our colleagues Hans van der Horst and Linette Jacquemard keep the Sidekix contact centre and subsidiary YourVoice on the right track to growth and development. Hans and Linette share a passion for customer contact and have helped the Contact Center grow from 8 to over 100 employees. Today, their colleagues inspire and motivate them to provide the best service for their clients. Curious how they do this together and what the future plans are for the Contact Center? You can read it in their interview with CustomerFirst.

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Sidekix is equipped with over 15 years of experience, fanatical professionals and a healthy dose of enthusiasm. And with personalization and customer experience as a common thread, we work with you to ensure impactful customer contact with your target audience. 


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