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Direct Mail

In the dynamic world of fulfilment, developments follow each other in rapid succession. At the Sidekix office in Uden (Brabant), we never stand still and we always have something to say. Read all about our collaborations, new developments and much more in the field of marketing fulfilment,
e-fulfilment, Direct Mail and our Contact Center.

The success story of Sidekix and Lantech

At Sidekix, we use the Lantech Parcel Tray erector and Lid erector. This allows us to ship millions of Tony's Chocolonely bars every year in a sustainable and efficient way.

Cloudpillo is still growing


Lars van der Wijst (20 years old) and Jens Timmers (21 years old) are two young entrepreneurs who are rocketing into the market with their company Cloudpillo

Plastic Card doubles

Plastic Card doubles

Customer cards, credit cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, vip cards. Despite all kinds of handy apps, our wallets are bulging with plastic cards. It just remains a


Direct Mail in the spotlight

In the midst of all the online violence, Direct Mail seems to be dying as a marketing tool. Wrongly so! Because it is an essential tool for success.

Recent Messages

Looking for a sidekick?

Sidekix is equipped with over 15 years of experience, fanatical professionals and a healthy dose of enthusiasm. And with personalization and customer experience as a common thread, we work with you to ensure impactful customer contact with your target audience.