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The new Sidekix Bus Packers

Over the past few months, our colleagues in production have worked hard on and built two new machines; the Buspackers. These fully automatic machines can each process and prepare up to 6.400 letterbox packages per day. This is no superfluous luxury for Sidekix, because with an average of 7.500.000 letterbox packages leaving Sidekix's warehouse each year, the Buspackers are an essential addition to our machine park .

The first of its kind

The Buspackers have been built with the knowledge and strength of three different machine suppliers. One of the machines is even more special. At Sidekix, we regularly receive orders that require a special type of letterbox package. Sidekix has had the box for this type of order designed in order to avoid wasting cardboard and to be able to ship in a sustainable way. Buspacker 1 is specially tuned to handle these boxes properly, so that the orders in question can be completed flawlessly and quickly. It makes the machine unique in its kind and even the first in the world to work according to this procedure.

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