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No day without coffee thanks to flexible Marketing Fulfilment

YesPlease is the fair trade and sustainable coffee brand of the Netherlands. Since its founding in 2018, YesPlease has been conquering the international coffee market. The coffee cups and beans are offered to both companies and consumers. In order to regulate all of this properly and ensure it runs smoothly, YesPlease is working together with Sidekix.

YesPlease's mission is to make the coffee world more sustainable and ensure that farmers receive a fair price for their raw materials. The cooperation with Sidekix started about one year ago. YesPlease was looking for a reliable and flexible partner to work with on its mission. "That our products are delivered on time is extremely important. You just need a professional fulfilment company for that, like Sidekix", says Sjoerd Stouten, owner of YesPlease, in an interview with MarketingTribune. "Sidekix actually has everything in-house; from all kinds of packaging machines and printing presses to a complete contact centre." In the full article, Sjoerd Stouten and Sidekix colleague Michèle Jetten tell more about this collaboration.

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