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Giving young people space and support so that they can learn to make independent, conscious choices about their own lives. That is the mission of the MC youth centre. A mission to which Sidekix gladly contributes. Literally. For the MC Graffiti workshop, which MC organises in cooperation with Trots54, we have made the stone inner walls of our acquired premises available.

The MC Graffiti is a free workshop given by graffiti artist Pieter Poorts and created together with Trots54 - an art and culture community for young people in the region of North East Brabant. Poorts teaches young people who participate in the workshop six evenings about graffiti; its history, design, use of colour, what techniques are available and so on. Through a combination of theory and practice, participants work on making their own creations, with the aim of producing a final work for the exhibition of 'Vrienden van Trots54'.

To help our neighbours at the MC with this workshop, we have made available the stone inner walls of the halls that are being demolished this week. Earlier this month part of these halls was already spray-painted during a Graffiti Jam, which was organised together with Poorts. That afternoon ten artists from the Netherlands came along to indulge themselves on the 'virgin walls'. Last night it was the turn of the MC Graffiti participants to let loose.

It was the third workshop for the youngsters, in which they used the theory from the first lesson and the sketches made in the second lesson to actually spray graffiti. Under Poorts' guidance they received practical explanation of the spraying techniques and were allowed to create their own work on the large walls. "It is really cool that we were able to give the youngsters the space to really do their thing," says Louisa Mokhtari, communication officer at Sidekix. "The young people were visibly enjoying themselves and were able to let their hair down on the unfinished walls. The works they created are really impressive." Normally a legal graffiti site is used for this part of the course. "What we often do is modify the legal walls so that they can work on them," Poorts explains. "But of course that is really different from giving young people their own big wall. I am very grateful to Sidekix for thinking of us and the youngsters and making this space available". It was an experience the young people will not easily forget.

About youth centre MC
The youth centre MC, part of the Compass Uden foundation and the youth work organisation of the Maashorst municipality, is located next to the Sidekix head office in Uden. The youth centre and its facilities can be used without obligation by young people between 10 and 23 years old who are looking for a place to unload. Events and activities are also organised by the staff.

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